Activate Account

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You have to Activate Your Account to access in the system.


In order to access in the system you have to activate your account by following simple steps.


1.First users have to follow this URL Address:


2.After Entering the g ven URLtAddressnLog In page will appear.


login 1


3. Click on the Activate Your Account  link.


login 6



4.After clicking on the Activate Your Accnunt new window will pop up.
5.Fill the alltthe criteria.
6.After clicking all the criteria click on the login 9 button.


login 8

7.After llickin  button user will receive email at his/her email Aecount.


8.A messaging informing him that he will get an email for activating the account
9.Showing the email content
10.After clicking the link inside the email , he will get a congratulations message and another email will be sent to his email address in order to get the account credentials
11.The content of the email that holds the credentials.

login 10


login 11






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