Getting Started-Introduction

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Welcome to the Human Resources Portal User Guide.

This guide is intended to assist users with understanding and using the Human Resources Portal application. The system significantly improves the functional capabilities currently available to users and will eventually make it easier for users to manage their daily processes.


Human Resources Portal is an in-house application of the Specialized Medical Center Hospital. The development of the application was started in late 2015 and updates to the system have been made regularly since then, depending on the requirements of the hospital.


HR portal will provide HR-related content and applications to those who need it those assigned to the Employee, Manager, Payroll Administrator, and Human Resources Administrator roles.


The sections have been divided as per the different sub-menu items. Each menu item has been discussed for a better understanding of the topic to the user. Please note that this user guide describes the entire procedure of the system, however, the accessibility to the user is subject to the permissions, position and daily tasks of the user.

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