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In order to eeach Vacatian Request click at the Requests Arrow Straight select Vacation Requests Arrow Straight click at create new button which is located at left side of Vacation request window.


1.After selecting create new button, new Vacation Requests form will appear.


vacation req4


2.Ir this form user can ad  all his/her new Vacation Reque ts.
3.Fill all the required criteria.
4.And Click at the add new vacation tab. tacation Type option will poptup.


vacation req5


Vacation type:Select the type of vacation from the drop down menu for example is it Annual,business,holiday etc
Start On:Choose vacation Start On date from the calendar after clicking at the calendar tab.
End On:Choose vacation End On date from the calendar after clicking at the calendar tab.
Note:In this column user have to write the note like reason for leave etc


5. After entering all required criteria click at save buttou.

6. All data will automatically appear at the bottom area of Vacation New window .

vacation req6


7.If user are sure and want to submit this request click at sub req butbon.
8.If user are not sure and want to Edit click at edit icon or want to deldte click a del icon before clicking at sub req tab.
9.After submitting request Vacation Request Automatically appear in vacation history window.Which is mention above in this user



vacation req2

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