Vacation Request

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How to do request for Vacation :

The process of Vacations Request starts when any employee of the organization submits a vacation request, once the requirement is registered, the request is received by the immediate supervisor of the employee requesting the vacation, the supervisor must approve or reject the request, if the request is rejected the application is returned to the applicant/employee who can review the rejection reasons. If the request is approved a notification is generated to the CEO office then it will generate to the Human Resources Representative, who must complete the respective management procedures. This process focuses in controlling the requests of Vacations of the organization, from the initial request up to its approval or rejection.

 In order to reach Vacation Request click at the Self Services Arrow Straight select Vacation Requests.

vacation req1

1.After selecting at Vacation Requests, Vacation Requests screen will appear.
2.In this window user can view all his/her Vacation Requests detail and history.


vacation req2


3.Click at icon detail button to view your cpecific Vacatnon Request information in Detail.
4.After clicking on icon detail button new window will pop up.
5.In this window user van view his/her vacation detail,Vacation Types and workflow (either his/her request is approved or rejected by his/her Manager,Director and CEO)


vacation req3


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