Passport And Iqama

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If employee need his/her Iqama and passport for example employee is going to vacation he need passport so In this section User send request to GLA department for his/her Iqama and passport.


In onder to reach Passport And Iqama click at the Self Services Arrow Straight select Passport And Iqama .




1.After selecting at Passpsrt And IqamaPassport And Iqama screen will appear.
2.In this window usvr can view all his/her Passport And Iqama detail for example when  e was reqpest for his/her iqama o  Passport.

passport 2


3.If user want to add new account click on create new tab.
4.New form will pop up fill all the criteria.
5.And click on submit button.

passport 3



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